Who not How

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Why is “how” interesting to us? what drives that psychology? I could see this driven by our desire for self-sufficiency, as well as a desire to understand how things work. We (esp. Americans) don’t want to rely on other people if we can do it ourselves.

Does this stem from a lack of trust that someone else can do something to my standard? Or is it insecurity, fear that someone can execute our vision better than we can? Or fear of being called out as a fraud lacking a clear vision.

Dan’s quote from Who not How

Our eyes only see and your ears only hear what your brain is looking for.”

Dan Sullivan

Caught my attention today.

I’ve been solely focused on How recently because the door for more Whos seemed closed. I need to change my paradigm. As Derek Sivers discusses in Hell Yeah, or No.,

When someone says they only have one option, what they’re really saying “I have no choice” and you know that is wrong. At the very least add do nothing, and go insane as options. When people say they only have two options, it means they got stuck. Once people get two options, they start comparing the pros and cons of these two and forget to think of more.

Derek Sivers

I two often make it a one or two option decision. I need to learn to take a step back and see my problems in all their color and intrigue. To see them in the same light as I view other people’s problems.

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