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The Beginner’s Guide To System & Soul

Small companies create the value that impacts our communities. With small businesses, value is created in jobs, relationships, philanthropy, and impact. As a small business, it is your contribution that keeps a community growing. But a system is needed to

What Is A System & Soul Coach And Why Do I Need One?

As a business owner, change can be a really scary thing. But change is necessary when it comes to growth, expansion, and taking the next step. No matter how successful your business is, one of two things will happen to

A New Season of RevenueOps: What’s New With the Business

Since the early days of 2020, RevenueOps, LLC has come a long way. From a single employee taking the jump to full-time business consulting to a growing team and new services, today’s version of RevenueOps may be something new to

6 Pipeline Reporting Mistakes You Are Making

If you’ve ever asked if your pipeline reporting could be improved, you fit right in. If you think you have bad or misleading sales reports, you probably do, and it’s almost always 1 or more of 6 things. 1. Your

Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

I’ve been thinking more recently about investing in myself. This is something I have done a lot of in the past, and still do. Like all investments, you can always optimize your investments and work to get a better return

technical and adaptive problems

Technical and Adaptive Problems

More thoughts from Who not How There are primarily two types of problems in business (and life for that matter). Technical problems and Adaptive problems. Technical problems are problems that have a “known” solution. I.E. building a website. It is

Something that has stuck inside my brain for the last few months is a concept from Atomic Habits by James Clear.

1% Growth Every Day

Something that has stuck inside my brain for the last few months is a concept from Atomic Habits by James Clear. James Clear in Atomic Habits contrasts our frequent desire to take on massive change. Yet, often that change never

Who not How

Who Not How

Why is “how” interesting to us? what drives that psychology? I could see this driven by our desire for self-sufficiency, as well as a desire to understand how things work. We (esp. Americans) don’t want to rely on other people

grit and exhaustion

Grit and Exhaustion

As I was reading about Sledge today, the concept of grit and exhaustion came to my mind. Reminding me to stay focused on my purpose and my goals. Tho I am tired. Tho the odds seem to be overwhelming and

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